GHOSTS & PROJECTORS Inaugural Reading

GHOSTS & PROJECTORS  (poetry reading no. 1)


from THE COLLEGE OF IDAHO: Ashley Barr, April Patton & Hanne Sharkey

from BOISE STATE UNIVERSITY: Stephanie Couey, Kalev Thom & Matt Truslow

First Thursday, April 7th, 2011

7 o’clock pm

Cole/Marr Coffeehouse in the 8th Street Marketplace (BoDo)

(coffee & cakes available for purchase)


GHOSTS & PROJECTORS hopes to bring together the breadth of poets that all live in Idaho yet never seem to be invited to the same readings. This segregation is to the detriment of our literary community—we have been missing out on an important conversation about the variety of ways poets relate to language and position themselves (or not!) in relation to their own work. GHOSTS & PROJECTORS hopes to host this conversation and create new connections over coffee and cake (!!)


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