GHOSTS & PROJECTORS Reading with Feng Sun Chen and Charles Gabel, August 1, 2012

GHOSTS & PROJECTORS. a poetry reading series.





Wednesday, August 1st

the front lawn of the Cabin
801 South Capitol Boulevard Boise, ID 83702
(208) 331-8000

There will be no charge for admission but a $2 donation to the series is strongly encouraged.

FENG SUN CHEN’S first book is “Butcher’s Tree” from Black Ocean. She is also the author of chapbooks “Ugly Fish”, “blud” and “Paul Thek”. Recent poems appear on her blog, in Conduit, Kill Author, Claudius App, Radioactive Moat and other places. She is currently a graduate assistant and MFA student at the University of Minnesota.

CHARLES GABEL is the author of the poetry chapbook Pastoral, out from Strange Machine Books; his poems can also be found online in Alice Blue Review and 751 Magazine. Charles was born in Cincinnati, and he studied Classical Civilization at Loyola University Chicago and Poetry at Boise State.

GHOSTS & PROJECTORS is a poetry reading series curated by poet Megan Williams that brings together the page, slam, experimental, lyrical, cowboy, etc poets that all live in Idaho yet never seem to be invited to the same readings, connects community-based audiences with a broad range of established and local poets, and connects local and non-local poets by giving them the opportunity to share the stage.


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