What is a poetry reading series?

A poetry reading series is a set of related poetry events– usually monthly poetry readings– organized around a similar theme or concept.


What is the unifying theme behind GHOSTS & PROJECTORS?

GHOSTS & PROJECTORS was created to feature readings of original poetry by a wide variety of Idaho-based writers. GHOSTS & PROJECTORS often pairs these local poets with complementary poets from all over the United States.

Why did you name the series GHOSTS & PROJECTORS?

GHOSTS & PROJECTORS started as the community outreach portion of the Artist in Residence Fellowship Megan Williams received through the Boise City Department of Arts and History. Since the Fellowship was granted based on the merit of Megan’s poetry, she wanted the series’ name to reference her work while also describing the content of the series. The name GHOSTS & PROJECTORS comes from the poem “Self-Portrait with Ghosts & Projectors” and serves as a metaphor for how poets appear in their own work as either the translucent presence behind the words or as the projection of the self from outside of the poem into the language.


I am going on tour to promote my book. How can I read for GHOSTS & PROJECTORS?

Email us at ghostsandprojectors@gmail.com.


I’ve never been to a poetry reading before. What can I expect?

Arrive about ten minutes early. That will give you twenty minutes to find a drink. Sit down or remain standing. Relax. Donate $2 to the series (we will ask for money & we really do need it.) Don’t expect to understand or interpret everything. There will not be a quiz at the end. Enjoy the texture of the language. Laugh when it’s funny. Buy a book. Friend us on Facebook. Come again.


What is coming next for GHOSTS & PROJECTORS?

We are working on a poetry brothel, as well as our 2013-14 season, which will feature a reading from Rauan Klassnik in October.



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